Glen ridge educational foundation

creating a sixth GRADE SCIENCE LAB


It has been more than half a century since the science room used for all 6th grade students at Ridgewood Avenue School has been upgraded. 
  • There are no lab tables for experiments 
  • There is insufficient counter space for lab materials
  • The storage units are inefficient, antiquated and damaged
  • The lack of facilities will make it difficult for students to work collaboratively and to complete more complex experiments


Improving this situation is critical for our STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) program, especially given the upcoming implementation of the new N.J. Core Curriculum Content Standards and the Next Generation Science Standards developed by the National Research Council.  The new curriculum places a greater emphasis on hands-on learning, including personal observation, analysis, experimentation and communication.  More labs are required and the course demands a higher level of understanding to draft lab reports that are aligned with the Middle School program. 

 Please support the Glen Ridge Educational Foundation by contributing to the campaign to raise $50,000 for the transformation of the science classroom into a 6th grade science laboratory.  The renovation, which will be completed by September 2014, will result in a laboratory space that will help current and future students excel in the more demanding new STEM curriculum.  Since science is added to the daily course of study in 6th grade, this is a vital time for our students to experience this discipline in a laboratory environment that stimulates their interests in and knowledge of the sciences.

Transforming a 20th century classroom into...
                             environment, to stimulate                                                                       children to explore for the future

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