Glen Ridge Educational Foundation


Money in the Bank = Money for GR Schools

The Glen Ridge Educational Foundation (GREF) participates in Boiling Springs Savings Bank’s Community Alliance Program (CAP), where your money just “sitting in the bank” guarantees a quarterly donation by Boiling Springs to GREF.

Each quarter, the Bank donates a percentage of the total balance of participant accounts, as designated by customers, to GREF.  No monies are withdrawn from the donors’ accounts; all donation dollars come directly from Boiling Springs and participants names are never revealed.  GREF Trustees have participated in this program for more than a year and, in fact, some have moved mortgages, at competitive rates, to Boiling Springs.  

More accounts linked to GREF means more money to benefit our schools.  CAP Rewards are based on the Average Daily Balance maintained by participants at the Annual Rate of:

·         0.25% for Certificates of Deposit, IRA CDs, Premium and Money Market Checking,
all Business Accounts

·         0.5% for Checking, Savings, Money Market Savings Accounts

·         0.1% for Mortgages, Home Equity Loans and Home Equity Lines of Credit

The Glen Ridge Educational Foundation supports projects, large and small, across all our schools, grade levels, and disciplines.  We make possible a wide range of school and teacher-initiated projects, e.g.: paper mache for art projects, award winning books for classrooms, the Synergistics Lab, 3D printers for engineering and robotics programs, professional development for teachers, Chomebooks for every student in grades 7-12, and much, much more. These are all curriculum based innovative and creative programs our schools can not afford otherwise.

If you are already a Boiling Springs customer, or become one, please support GREF by completing the form available HERE and dropping it off at Boiling Springs Savings Bank, located next to the train station and across from the post office.  For more information, email theGREF@comcast.netcall Daniel Fragale, BSS Branch Manager, at 973-387-8288 or just drop in.