Glen Ridge Educational Foundation


GRHS students are no longer limited by attending a "small" high school!

"This is such an exciting program. We sat down with our daughter and looked over the course offerings and discussed together her interests, what would fill in gaps, and the benefits of each.  It was like making course selection in college."   Parent of GR Virtual High School student.

           Courses Taken by Glen Ridge Students

The Virtual High School program (VHS) is a boon for Glen Ridge High School students.  It affords them many opportunities to broaden their learning and to enhance their academic resumes.  In it's third year at the high school and with a catalog of over 160 options, it has expanded advanced placement, language, science, art, and other courses – all of which would not be possible given the financial limits of the district's budget. These VHS courses reflect students' varied interests, allowing them to explore those interests in their own time and at their own pace. And the VHS results are impressive. In essence, VHS makes Glen Ridge High School better: large school offerings within a small school environment.

Following a two-year pilot during the 2011-2012 and 2012-2013 school years, the Foundation committed to funding the Virtual High School for five years through June of 2018.  Recognizing the success and importance of the program in expanding opportunities for hundreds of students, in June 2018 the Foundation committed to funding for another five years.

The program has been very popular and Glen Ridge students have taken dozens of different courses,  allowing them to explore academic interests that they otherwise could not.  In some cases course selection has been driven by the need to manage schedule conflicts but, more commonly, has been used to meet an interest the student would like to explore.  More than 20 AP courses are offered and Glen Ridge test results have been consistent with scores attained by our students in courses taught in a traditional classroom. Annual review assures that the program continues to meet the needs and expectations of the District.  

VHS is, like the Glen Ridge Public Schools, accredited by the Middle States Association.
         Academic Writing
         Advanced Web Design
        AP Art History

         Animal Behavior and Zoology
         AP Art History
         AP Calculus BC
         AP Computer Science
         AP Computer Science Principles
         AP Economics
         AP English Literature and Comprehension
         AP Environmental Science
         AP European History
         AP Human Geography
         AP Government & Politics: US
         AP Music Theory
         AP Physics C
         AP Psychology
         Chinese II B
         Contemporary Issues in American Law and Justice
         Democracy in the US
         Engineering Principles
         Film and Literature
         Folklore and Literature of Myth, Magic & Ritual
         Forensic Science
         French Language and Culture
         Fundamentals of Screenwriting
         German 1
         German 2
         German Language and Culture
         History of Photography
         Honors Art History

Honors Eastern and Western Thought
Honors Economics
Honors Government
Honors of the World
Honors Psychology
International Business
Introduction to Physics B
Italian Language and Culture
Japanese 1
Journalism in the Digital Age
Marketing and the Internet
Modern Middle East
Music Listening and Critique
Personal Finance
Poetry Reading and Writing
Portuguese 1
Practical Law
Pre-veterinary Medicine
Psychology 1
Psychology of Crime
 Russian Language and Culture
 Shakespere in Film
Sports and Society
The Glory of Ancient Rome
Twentieth Century Women Authors
Video Game Design
World Religions