26 years of providing new learning                      experiences for Glen Ridge students
Glen Ridge Educational Foundation

About the Glen Ridge Educational Foundation

The Glen Ridge Educational Foundation enhances educational opportunities and promotes community involvement in the Glen Ridge public schools. The organization attracts private financial and other resources to help the Glen Ridge School District trial and implement programs that elevate student achievement in today’s competitive world. This not-for-profit group is endorsed by, though independent of, the Glen Ridge School District. Led by corporate and community leaders, the organization identifies, incubates and funds innovative teaching and learning programs that the school budget does not have the leeway to address.  Over the last 25 years the Foundation has granted more than  $2 million dollars to projects and programs in the Glen Ridge Public Schools.



For the last two years, the Foundation has invested significantly in professional development for the District's teaching staff.  Through the year, and even during the summer, teachers attended seminars and, working with consultants and each other, learned about the most current teaching practices in order to refine delivery of the curriculum at all levels and hone their skills for the ever changing educational environment.  Support continues, and will, through the rest of the school year.

Every dollar donated through the Teacher Recognition Program goes directly to programs like this and those noted elsewhere on this website, impacting the daily educational experience for students.


Frigid temperatures did not stop the fun.  
It was another very successful day of running, walking, and community!

Many thanks to corporate sponsors, family sponsors, an army of volunteers and RUNNERS!!!


 What do thousands of people do before they indulge in Thanksgiving dinner?  
They join family ad friends from all over for the Ashenfelter 8K and Fleming 1M.

The A8K Classic and the Ton Fleming One Mile, held just before the featured A8K Classic, always draw a large crowd and enthusiastic gallery of spectators with runners from 3 to 83 years of age.

Proceeds help fund the many grants we award and projects we support.  

To learn more, become a sponsor, or see photos and results go HERE.


GRHS students are no longer limited by attending a "small" high school!

Our donors have made it possible for them to take over 250 
different courses in order to meet requirements, resolve 
scheduling conflicts ... 
or because they are interested 
and just want to learn!
More information is HERE


For the past quarter century, the Foundation has raised more than $2 million to fund projects in all grade levels within the Glen Ridge public schools. These are educational opportunities our town’s students would not have had due to budget constraints and the limited amount of money that the Glen Ridge schools receive from the State. Below are just a few examples of the significant projects that we have funded which help keep our schools highly rated as well as providing a quality education to our town's students.
  • The 6th grade science classroom at Ridgewood had not had a major update in a generation or more until the Foundation raised the funds to install a facility necessary to deliver the curriculum of the 21st
  • The auditorium at Ridgewood had missing floor tiles and seats covered in duct tape to keep the stuffing inside. The Foundation raised funds to completely renovate the only large auditorium in our school system.
  • The Synergistics Lab, where students in grades 3-6 explore STEAM topics through hands-on learning, was created and maintained through funds raised by the Foundation.
  • Every high school student has a Chromebook provided by the Foundation in partnership with the district, facilitating the way teachers lead their students in learning today.
  • The TV studio is integral to the communications in the school as well as enhancing the curriculum.
  • The Virtual High School has enabled hundreds of students to study a host subjects and take AP courses our small school cannot offer, thus supporting the recent high achieving AP school award.
  • At Forest and Linden, students will soon be learning improved safety behaviors through a grant from the Foundation and have been enjoying numerous mini-grants awarded to their teachers for classroom enhancements. Learning gardens were initially started this way as was Forest’s “One School, One Book.” Linden’s youngest students have also been benefiting from an additional way of curriculum presentation through I-Rover smart boards supporting traditional methods.
  • Most recently, GREF has committed to funding additional teacher professional development for both math and language arts as they seek to provide the best learning opportunities for all our town’s public school children.

Please join us as we celebrate the past 25 years and raise funds to continue supplying programs for your child as they move through the grades. We must build today or it won’t be there tomorrow.



Project One to One

When teachers wanted to take their students and teaching methods to the next level, GREF responded immediately.  Partnering with the Board of Education, within two months every student in grades 7 through 12 was issued a Chromebook enabling teachers to bring new experiences and learning opportunities to their classes.  Facilitating the learning and teaching process resulted in an enhanced  enthusiasm in both students and teachers, keeping Glen Ridge students on the path to success.

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Join us in raising funds to benefit all students in the Glen Ridge Public Schools through the 
Boiling Springs Savings Bank Community Alliance Program (CAP).  

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Are you looking for a way to say “Thank you!” to teachers and staff for contributing to your child's education? 


It had been more than half a century since the science room used for all 6th grade students at Ridgewood Avenue School had been upgraded. 
  • There were no lab tables for experiments, just uneven, tipsy desks  
  • There was insufficient counter space for lab materials
  • The storage units were inefficient, antiquated and damaged
  • The lack of facilities made it difficult for students to work collaboratively and to complete more complex experiments

Improving the situation was critical for our STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) program, especially given the implementation of the new N.J. Core Curriculum Content Standards and the Next Generation Science Standards developed by the National Research Council.  The new curriculum places a greater emphasis on hands-on learning, including personal observation, analysis, experimentation and communication.  More labs are required and the course demands a higher level of understanding to draft lab reports that are aligned with the Middle School program. 

                                                                A Transformation
From  this                                                                         to THIS!

A laboratory environment that stimulates students interests in and knowledge of the sciences...an environment to explore for the future!


Two and a Half Decades of Funding Projects for All Glen Ridge Students

Since 1993 the GREF has raised over $2,000,000 to fund projects that affect students of every age in all disciplines.  These projects include:
  • Project One-to-One Chromebooks for Middle School and High School
  • Ridgewood Avenue School  Auditorium Renovation
  • Virtual High School
  • Communications Project / TV Studio
  • Lucy Calkins Writing Program
  • Leveled Reading Libraries at Forest and Linden
  • Junior Great Books
  • Impact Concussion Project
  • Foreign Language Lab
  • Equipment to enhance fitness education at the High School
  • Macbeth: The Rock Musical – written, directed and produced by the High School Drama Club
  • CAD Lab
  • Staff Development for Teachers
  • Programs and Technology for Special Needs Students
  • Hundreds of Mini-Grants
Recent STEM projects include:
  • 6th Grade Science Classroom
  • Synergistics Lab at Ridgewood Avenue
  • High School Robotics Team and 8th grade class – electronics equipment
  • 3D printer for CAD and engineering classes at Middle and High Schools
  • teentech™ – conference for High School girls interested in exploring STEM-based career options
Through the generosity of donors, the Foundation funds innovative programs that increase the academic excellence of our Glen Ridge schools and elevate student achievement in today’s competitive world.   Please contribute to our continuing effort to support our students by adding the 6th grade science lab to the list of projects that would not be available without GREF funding.

Board of Trustees

Glen Bronstein • Arthur Dawson PhD • Duval Graham •Ali Hilberth • David Lefkovits, CFA • Ann Marie Linke. 
James Lisovicz, Esq. Mary Louise Malyska PhD John McCusker, Esq Maureen Mycka • Marcia Horton O'Grady • Dirk Phillips Bill Potter
Gwen Schoenfeld, Esq. Linda Seyffarth • Anthony Turiano • Fran Wong  • Tom Wright

The Glen Ridge Educational Foundation is classified as a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. Donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law and qualify for corporate matching programs.  Donations can also be made if the form of securities which may be advantageous in regards to capital gains.  For additional information please email theGREF@comcast.net and consult your tax professional. Tax ID Number 22-3258018.